Dulcie dress: a free pattern from Sewpony

After teasing you on Instagram for almost a week it is time to reveal the big secret... Suz from Sewpony has released a new pattern, the Dulcie dress! What? You knew that already? But did you know this pattern is FREE? Yes, that's the secret I have been bursting to tell!

BFFs dress

I am constantly amazed and somewhat jealous about the amount of energy little people have!

A new dress and a new adventure

I have been a regular customer at MaaiDesign for a while now. I love fabric in Maaike's shop. I am pleased to let you know that Maaike and I decided to take it one step further. Every now and then I will be guest posting on Maaike's blog showcasing some of the beautiful fabric from her shop.

Today I am sharing about a dress I made for Miss R. Please visit MaaiDesign blog for more details and photos.

Uptown Downtown dresses

Can you spot the odd one out?

Yep, it's the little one. Miss R and I are twinning! In the most traumatising way for my poor husband! Same pattern, same fabric, me and one of our girlies! Bwahahahaha!

Frederique: the hack

Guys, I came up with a new method of convincing unwilling models into having their photos taken... I can't believe it actually worked!

It all started when Marte from Compagnie M* sent me an e-mail asking if I would be interested in participating in a blog tour promoting her new pattern, the Frederique dress*. She included a few photos of the dresses she made for her daughter. Compagnie M patterns are among my favourite, so I was keen to sew the Frederique. Please allow me to jump ahead and say that I am very pleased with this pattern also.

Pathfinder vest and Pixie shorts

My husband recently lost a lot of weight. So on top of a healthier version of my sweetheart I scored a few pairs of his now too big jeans. Before I had a chance to decide what to do with them I got an e-mail from Miranda inviting me to participate in the Twig + Tale Upcycling Tour.

While she was sleeping, I made a Pathfinder vest and a pair of Pixie shorts for my little adventure seeker.

Pizza dress

Kids see things in such a fun way! What do you see when you look at the print of Miss R's new dress? She insists they are small pieces of pizza. As soon as she said that I could see it too, and once I saw it I could not un-see it!

Almost twinning - still winning

When one has two adorable daughters to sew for it is only a question of time before they get matching outfits. However when one has a husband who is not overly enthusiastic about his children wearing matching clothes one might choose a softer approach to begin with and whip up almost matching outfits. Happy girlies, happy husband. Win-win.

Waterfall Raglan top

When I saw testers' versions of the Waterfall raglan pop up in my Instagram feed I knew I wanted to get my hands on this pattern as soon as possible. I could vividly imagine my little explorer in a Waterfall raglan in a beautiful soft knit with girlie print...

So While she was sleeping...

Top Knot Tee

The Top Knot romper, dress and tunic pattern by Chalk and Notch has been around for a little while now. In fact, I participated in the promotion tour and 'hacked' this pattern into a long sleeved tee for Miss R. That 'hack' was an enormous success! It made sense to sew a summer version of my hack. The only pattern piece I needed to print was the cuff. Too easy!