A couple of tees

I bet you have heard people referring to tee shirts and jeans as mums' uniform? Well, my mum uniform needed an update. While it is unlikely that you will see me sewing my own jeans in the near future, tee shirts are easy!

Fabulous and free

I am grateful to the designers who choose to share their patterns with us sewing addicts free of charge. The outfit I am showing in this post was created by using three free patterns. Try saying 'three free patterns' quickly! Fun hey?

Lacey dress from style arc

I have a secret hobby. I like to go 'window shopping' for patterns and fabric. Style Arc is currently one of my favourite sites to visit. They have so many patterns that I love. A few times my 'window shopping' resulted in a purchase. I recently posted about my versions of Style Arc's Courtney top. Today I would like to introduce you to another fab pattern - the Lacey dress.

Two tops more, one dress less

I am absolutely in love with the Courtney top pattern from Style Arc. In fact I love it so much I cut up my first Fringe dress to make a Courtney top! But before you condemn me for committing such an atrocity, please hear me out!

Family reunion dress in linen and liberty

Last year I made a Family Reunion dress for my little love to wear to her Aunt's wedding. This year I used this pattern again to make her a Christmas dress.

Janie dress

Miss R: Mummy, can you make me a stretchy dress?
Me: Sure love.
Miss R: It needs to be super twirly, so that when I spin you could see my knickers.
Me: Sure love.

Of course we all understand that my daughter's request meant she wanted a knit dress with a circular skirt. In other words, she wanted a Janie dress by Mouse House Creations. So, While she was sleeping...

Fringe dress in double gauze

A few days ago I posted a question on Instagram wondering if I should be concerned about a friend of mine who made three Fringe dresses in less than a month. I know that you know I was not talking about a 'friend'. Yep. I really did it. I love this amazing pattern by Chalk and Notch so much I made three dresses in less than a month. And I love them all. The first Fringe dress is my 'special occasion' dress. The second was also made with rayon, but the print made it look so cool and casual! And now the third :)

There is something magical about the colour red. For some it associates with danger. For me, it is a colour of love, passion, confidence, fun and beauty. Whenever I wear this dress I feel I could conquer the world. Seriously, don't mess with a woman wearing red!

Playing favourites

Some things are special because of the memories attached to them.

I remember Miss R as a three year old dragging this ice cream printed fabric through Mildura Spotlight asking me to buy it. Three times I put it back on the shelf, and three times she pulled it back down. I remember her using this fabric as a blanket on the way home from Mildura (perhaps she didn't trust me with it thinking I would put it back on the shelf again hehe). Miss R wore the first dress I made with this fabric for three years!!! There are certain benefits when your child only seems to be growing upwards.

Fringe in blue

When one finds a patterns that makes them feel beautiful, one has got to make it again. At least that is what I told myself after the success of my first Fringe dress by Chalk and Notch, and promptly stitched up one more.

Issie top and dress by Sewpony

You have probably heard by now that Suz from Sewpony has updated her Little Betty pattern, added more sizes and views, and recently re-released the pattern as the Issie top.