Moiano coat

I find sewing coats very relaxing. Every step requires concentration, so I slow down enough to really enjoy the process.

Nivalis dress for winter

Why must winter be so cold and dark!

Obviously this is not something I can change. However I can make bright warm clothes to help us deal with winter better. I can, and I did.

This is the Nivalis dress and tunic pattern from Sofilantjes*. I made a summer version of this dress nearly two years ago and have been planning to make another one 'soon' ever since.

Isa dresses

Brace yourselves for more twinning sisters style!

Ok, the remark that their dresses are not identical is absolutely legitimate, but still, I used the same pattern for both of them, so my girlies are still twinning? Sort of? Kind of? Yeah?

Tic Tac Toe dress in denim

How many denim dresses can one little girl have, one might ask.

At least one more, Miss L and I would reply.

Louisa dress... again

I was not sure how to introduce this new dress I made for my little love because I don't think that the Louisa dress pattern from Compagnie M needs an introduction.

Finch dress (test version)

When Suz of Sewpony made it public that her new pattern, the Finch dress, was ready for testing, I volunteered to sew it in knit fabric.

This is my test version of the Finch dress patternt. Please bear in mind there have been a few changes made to the final pattern, I will list them later in the post.

#119 Puff sleeve cardigan from Thread Faction

Friends, miracles happen! My big girlie has never been a keen model. There have been periods when she simply refused to be photographed. However at one of our last photo-shoots she was coming up with various cool poses, twisting, twirling, dancing, blowing kisses... all without any direction from me!

Joy dress in bamboo jersey from Maaidesign

Have you heard the exciting news? La Maison Victor's trial English edition was such a success they will be publishing a new magazine in English every 5-6 weeks! The new edition is already available in the US and UK, and it is due to reach our shores around the 21st of May. 

I made one of the patterns from this magazine, the Joy dress, in the most delicious bamboo jersey from Maaidesign store. Please visit Maaike's blog to read more about this project. 

Jeune twin set

A little while back my friend Suz, the talented lady behind Sewpony, shared a secret with me. She said she was working on a pattern that she wanted to release as a surprise. She asked a few ladies to help her test the pattern. For a little while a few of us whispered in secrecy, sewed the pattern, shared feedback... Today is the day we stop whispering. Our little project is no longer a secret. Today Suz released her newest pattern, the Jeune twin set.

Patricia Rose dress

I am a risk taker! Who would have thought! Well, it is not that I don't take risks in life. I did move to the other side of the globe for example. However when it comes to the things I make for myself, I don't seem to explore too many different styles and cuts. Well, not with my last project!