Rain Dance rompers

When I showed Miss L her new Rain Dance romper from Titchy Threads our conversation went like this:

Me: Do you like it?
Miss L: Pockets?
Me: Not on this one.
Miss L: No.

Despite the lack of pockets Miss L wears her Rain Dance rompers all the time! There might be no pockets, but there are flowers and buttons, and that is enough to keep my little love happy. Well, almost ;)

La Maison Victor tour: the Dolores skirt

La Maison Victor magazine is well known to my European sewing friends, perhaps especially those in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France. Recently La Maison Victor published its first English edition! I am one of the first few lucky people who got to hold this beautiful magazine in their hands.

Julia cardigan in soft merino

You know those beautiful women in magazines with their locks gracefully floating in the wind? I am not one of them. I am sleep deprived and I don't enjoy being in front of the camera. In fact, when I saw the following photos I considered posting a headless shot on IG and move on. But where is fun in that? So how about we ignore the awkward photos and admire the cardigan?

This is the Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations. I made a cap sleeve version of this pattern almost three years ago. I kept on meaning to make a long sleeve version ever since.

Louisa dress for a kitty lover

Miss R has always loved cats. She has been asking for one for a few years and I always said we could get one later. Much later. It is not that I don't like cats. I just feel I have enough living creatures to keep... well... alive. I didn't really intend on getting a cat anytime soon.

However a few months ago we visited a pet shop on a day when they hosted a pet adoption program. One of my friends was there with her foster cats. I thought Miss R would like to pat a few cats and maybe have a little play... An hour later we found ourselves adopting a gorgeous black and white boy cat named Boots.

Cosmo dress for two

Miss R: Mummy, can I marry Miss L when we grow up?
Me: No sweetie. You can't marry your sister.
Miss R looked somewhat upset.
Me: Why do you want to marry Miss L?
Miss R: So we could always live together. If I can't marry her we will have to marry someone else and we won't be able to live together then. I will miss her so much!

Briar tee in French Terry from MaaiDesign

Do you ever spend days trying to find a perfect pattern that would do special fabric justice?

When Maaike from MaaiDesign offered me to try one of the latest French Terry fabrics from her shop, I chose the Palms print. And then I spent three days in agony! OK, I might be slightly dramatising things here. I was not in agony, but I seriously spent three days trying to choose a pattern that would be perfect for this fabric.

Do you think the Briar tee by Megan Nielsen looks good in this fabric? Would you like to see and read more? I would love for you to pop over and say hi at MaaiDesign where I am guest-posting today!


It is confirmed. The love for pockets is in my daughters' DNA.

You should have seen the excitement on Miss L's face when she discovered her Lil Critters overalls had five pockets! She instantly started putting her little hands in the pockets, one by one, giggling and repeating, 'Pockeeeeeets!'

Tiny mice and tiny bunnies

Sometimes simple is best.

BFFS dress in fleece

Puperita's BFFS dress pattern is designed for woven fabric. I loved a woven version I made for my little girlie a few months ago. I think this pattern works just as well in a knit.

Vintage style skirt and Brigitte top

A month ago I have finally become an Australian citizen. Such an important occasion called for a special outfit. Any sensible person would have bought something suitable. Me? I decided to sew for myself.