How to Clean a Sewing Machine and Avoid damages

What is the number one thing you can do to make sure that your sewing machine keeps working well? Clean the lint out. This is a by-product of sewing that can’t be avoided. The more you use the machine, the more lint gathers up in the gut of the machine. You can keep your machine working smoothly and avoid paying for major repairs if you look out after it periodically. Regular maintenance can save you a trip to the repair shop.

The frequency of these quick clean-ups depends on how often you use the machine. It’s best you clean the lint after every 8 to 10 hours of using the machine, but you can do it after every use as well. Look in the bobbin case, and if you see lint gathering up, it’s time for maintenance.

If your machine has trouble working, try cleaning it first. There are three basic things you can try if you experience a malfunction. First, re-thread the needle and the bobbin. Then, insert a brand new needle, and clean the machine before restarting it.

Many problems are caused by the dust and lint that get into the working parts of the machine. After you clean the machine and it still doesn’t work properly, you’ll have to take it to the local repair shop. If you continue using it, you could cause even bigger problems.

We are now going to go through the step-by-step process of cleaning your sewing machine.

The Preparation

Find the instruction manual, you shouldn’t do anything until you have your machine’s instruction manual in front of you. Most sewing machines need the same maintenance, but you should still consult the instruction manual.

You will also need a lint brush (most machines come with one). If you don’t have one, you can get it at the local fabric store, but you can also use a small cleaning brush as well. Replace the old needles with new ones. You should always have them on hand if anything goes wrong and it’s best you start every project with new needles. Last but not least, you need a soft cloth like muslin.

The step by step cleaning process

Unplug your sew machine

Remove the old needle and discard it but remember the direction of the flat side of the needle. It usually faces the back of the machine, butmachines that have side-loading bobbins often have needles that face to the right.

Follow the instruction manual and remove the presser foot and the needle plate.

Take the bobbin and the bobbin case out of their place

Use the lint brush or a vacuum to remove all the lint and dust from the pieces you removed

Your manual should also show how to remove the “race area” (the place where the bobbin case is located). If you find it in the manual, make sure you follow the instructions carefully because putting the bobbin case back can be tricky. This is a step that’s usually done by the repairman, but you can do it if you feel comfortable with it.

Brush the lint of the feed dogs first

Then get rid of the lint and dirt in the race area and under the feed dogs.

Put the race area back together

If your sewing machine has a solid cover, remove it and clean the thread path out, if not, use a vacuum and blow air through the thread paths to clean the tension disks out.

Use the soft cloth to clean the exterior of the machine

Plug your sew machine back and turn it on. Try running it without any accessories and needles first, just to make sure it’s working properly.

Turn it off again

Replace the bobbin case, the bobbin, the needle plate, and the presser foot.

Insert a new needle and make sure it’s facing the right side

Lubrication or no Lubrication?

Lubrication is not necessary for all sewing machines. Some newer models don’t need any lubrication, but if they do, make sure you use the right type of oil. Don’t use household oil or WD-40. When you are done with the oil, put a cloth under the presser foot to soak the oil that was left behind.

Meet the 13-year-old sewing a ‘COVID Memorial Quilt’

The swirl of fear, uncertainty, and isolation young children are suffering from for the reason that the pandemic can make it additional complicated for them to cope with grief.

These 7 days I’ve been struck by how our youngest generation is coping with an improved globe. At a Catholic school on my block, elementary-aged children dutifully distance by themselves and use masks, but they are nonetheless laughing and playing. I have seen pics of mates and household kids happily savoring early at-home Halloween celebrations, Zooming into school, and normally currently being the resilient minor miracles that they are. 

Correct now I am waiting around anxiously for a new niece or nephew to be born (it is time to arrive out, kiddo), and I’m thinking that even although matters are tough ideal now, they’ll be Okay. They might not keep in mind a pre-COVID entire world, but ideally, they are going to remember us coming out the other side of this as superior, extra caring people.

Today’s big inspiration from the children

A 13-calendar-year-old woman from California is honoring all those we’ve misplaced to COVID-19.

Eighth-quality university student Madeleine Fugate, from Studio Metropolis, Calif., has started operating on a “COVID Memorial Quilt,” motivated by her mother, Katherine Fugate, who worked on the NAMES Venture AIDS Memorial Quilt in the 1980s.

“In seventh grade, for our record remaining, we had to do a Local community Motion Challenge,” Madeline told me. “That yr it was ‘Young Changemakers in a COVID-19 World.’  I was looking at the information and they saved indicating ‘the figures are heading up,’ and it genuinely upset me. I told my mom, ‘They are not quantities, they are people. Individuals who died.’”

She started to operate on the quilt and is accepting 8×8 squares from everyone who would like to honor a cherished 1 who died. So much she has at least 70 contributions.

“I hope it is a big deal if that means healing for men and women. There has been no mourning or grieving,” she stated. “Individuals have misplaced men and women they appreciate who have earned to be remembered.”

“I believe it feels unsafe proper now and youngsters all above the nation are possessing a tricky time,” Madeleine additional. “Plus, persons are dying and there is a lot of disappointment and suffering. … I consider we all have to come across a way to support. That is what this is all about. … I love what (youthful activist Greta Thunberg) is doing for the surroundings. If you have revenue use it to recover our earth and not hurt it anymore. I adore to sew so I’m generating a quilt to help people heal.

You can learn much more about the project here. And it’s possible use a quilt square to wipe away your tears.