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lsd test kit

Want to know about the LSD content? We have a kit that will serve your needs and includes everything you'll need to conduct a test to detect the level of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

mdma test kit

Use this simple-to-use, inexpensive, and incredibly reliable semi-quantitative MDMA test kit to quickly determine the purity of MDMA (ecstasy).

Marquis Reagent

Using the Marquis reagent in specific tests, alkaloids and other substances can be affirmatively identified using a quick spot test.

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Dosing Psychedelics and MDMA

You can change lives by using the correct dosage of MDMA and other psychedelics! Many psychedelic substances have attracted increased interest in psychiatric research and could be turned into drugs to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, cluster headaches, and PTSD.

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How to Test MDMA ?

With the aid of reagents to determine that and urine tests to screen for MDMA, you can readily determine the amount of MDMA present.

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Risks and Side Effects of Microdosing MDMA

Microdosing MDMA

MDMA stands for Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also called Molly or ecstasy, which is mainly an artificial synthetic drug that induces hallucinogenic effects in the brain. This drug can be consumed in powder, tablet snorted, or mixed into liquids. However, among all the other ways, a new way of intaking the drug has been introduced, which is called microdosing.


What is microdosing?

It is a method to test a drug’s effects and side effects by intaking them in small amounts and preventing oneself from adverse side effects and reactions. For MDMA, the microdosing limit is 125 milligrams, which helps in experiencing mind-altering, energizing, and euphoric effects. For usually feeling the dopamine and serotonin effects of the drug, they are consumed anywhere from 85 to 125 grams, and anything less than that is considered microdosing for MDMA.

Like other drugs and chemicals, MDMA blocks the reabsorption and reuptake of the chemicals, producing an intense release of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. As a result of the side effect, it also causes an elevated mood, mind-alertness, and euphoria. Sometimes, consuming higher doses also leads to hallucinations.

A recent study stated that microdosing of MDM causes an elevated mood and helps curb anxiety symptoms in depression.

Side effects of MDMA microdosing

Many people believe that microdosing MDMA has benefits for the consumer. Still, like any other drug, this process also is addictive and contains unknown chemicals which can be harmful to the brain. Since the MDMA is made in different labs, it is difficult to segregate between good and bad MDMA. Their long-term microdosing can also enhance physical dependence and lead to addiction and tolerance. The side effects of microdosing MDMA include:

  • Elevated mood and energy
  • Enhance sociability
  • Increased alternates

Microdosing and macro dosing

Frequent microdosing of MDMA can lead to addiction, as stated above, and can also enhance curiosity about micro-dosing not only MDMA but also different drugs. Micro dosing refers to taking enough amounts of the drug (mainly LDS and shoorms) to feel the effects of the ‘high,’ like seeing different lights and colors.


Although this seems fun and harmless, taking a significant amount of the drug can lead to a bad trip, which induces negative hallucinations and decisions and can lead to an overdose in most cases. Also, for people suffering from an underlying kidney or heart condition, microdosing and macro doing MDMA or any other drug can lead to organ failure, and people might find breathing difficult.

Additionally, MDMA and other psychedelic drugs also pose serious health concerns in the long run, including the risk of addiction and loss of life. Since the effects of microdosing MDMA can be unpredictable, it is recommended to stay away from any drugs, even when consumed in small amounts.

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