My love/hate relationship with Miffy

I love making clothes for my Little Monkey. There are projects I am really proud of. However some of my creations will never make it to the list of my favourites.

Little Monkey loves Miffy. We have a book ‘Miffy at the Zoo’ which we read again and again and again. One night I thought it would be super cute to jazz up one of Little Monkey’s tee shirts with an applique using one of the pictures from this book.

So, while she was sleeping, I did it. It was a very fun project to start with. I had this image of a super cute tee in my head, and I could picture the excitement on Little Monkey’s face when I present it to her…

However when I finished, I looked at it and said, “Well, that was a waste of a tee shirt”. Miffy did not look like a cute little bunny. She looked more like a scary monster. Stitching didn’t look neat. It was not what I hoped to achieve. I did not think the Miffy tee would ever see the light of the day. I just left it sitting in my sewing room.

The next morning Little Monkey walked into the sewing room, probably to borrow a jar with buttons to play with. She noticed my monster. She got so excited! She grabbed the tee shirt, saying “Miffy! My Miffy”. She insisted on putting it on straight away. I could not believe how much she liked it! She absolutely loved something I thought was horrible and hated.

The Miffy tee shirt is still Little Monkey’s favourite. She wears it a lot. I still don’t like it, but now I don’t think this project was a waste of a tee shirt. My Miffy didn’t turn out the way I have imagined, but it still put a huge smile on my daughter’s face.

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