While she was not sleeping...

Little Monkey has always been a beautiful sleeper. So sewing while she was sleeping has been great. However there are days when she is just too cool for daytime sleep. I would like to work out how I can do a bit of sewing while she is not sleeping… My first attempt looked like this:

This took place a few months ago. Little Monkey wanted to help me make a skirt out of her naughty jumper. Oh yes, a jumper that would not fit over your child’s head is naughty and the only suitable punishment I can think of is to make a skirt out of it. 10 minutes project… if you are alone! I thought if I let Little Monkey play with my threads, this might entertain her long enough for me to finish the project. This technique worked, however it took me just about forever to de-tangle all my cottons.

A little while ago I just had to make her a new skirt. Little Monkey came into the sewing room with me. It was soon after I bought my overlocker. I blinked, and she changed just about every setting. I swear salespeople at the store I bought it from were not as confident with it as my little person. Thank God for manuals is all I could say about that experience.

Yesterday Little Monkey didn’t feel like sleeping again. For the second time this week (ouch). When she doesn’t sleep, I still give her an opportunity to rest. So while she was busy playing in bed, I thought I would quickly finish making an elephant softie. Little Monkey came in just as I finished stitching. She was most curious about what I was doing. I thought we could try and stuff the elephant together. This little experiment did not go wrong. Watching her little fingers push fluffy hobby fill into a small opening was just precious. 

I was so proud of my little girl!

Do you sew while your little people are up? How do you make it work?


  1. Awe that is so cute, I can remember helping my mum do that with rag dolls at about the same age.

    Ooo it's a bit of a shock when they give up the daytime sleep though, a sure sign they're growing up fast.

    1. Oh so she may remember helping me :D She still sleeps most days, but she will give up day time sleep one day :) Hopefully not too soon though!


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