Kids Clothes Week - Project One

Conversation between myself and my sweetest husband Monday evening:
Me: Sweetie, do you know what is so special about this week?
Sweetest husband: Thursday is a public holiday.
Me: Other than that?
Sweetest husband: Hmm... Don't know.
Me: It is Kids Clothes Week - I get to sew something for Little Monkey for an hour each day!
Sweetest husband: And who knows about this?
Me: Sewing nerds like myself!

I have been waiting for this week for ages! What a great excuse to lock myself up (temporarily) in a sewing room every single day this week! The timing could have not been better. It is getting cold in my corner of the world and Little Monkey needs new clothes.

I saw a tutorial for Peggy Skirt on Sew Delicious last year and I loved it ever since. I made a skirt like this for one gorgeous little girl and have been meaning to make one for my daughter.

Monday night I finally did it. Little Monkey now has her own Peggy Skirt! Check it out!

Tuesday morning Little Monkey wore her new skirt to childcare. She loves her new skirt - especially the purple pleats.

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  1. Hi Jenya,

    I featured your post here:

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  3. Beautiful skirt you made, love it!!

    1. Thank you very much Carolina :) Lovely to see you here :)

  4. It looks awesome!! Thanks so much for letting me know! Your little girl is gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you for popping over Ros. And thank you for sharing such a lovely tutorial :)

  5. Ros' skirt is on my To Do list for this winter. Your version looks great!


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