Kids Clothes Week - Project Three

I grew up wearing a lot of home-made clothes. My grandma sewed and my mum knitted (and still does). I remember many of the outfits they made for me when I was little. Most of those outfits were worn until they were completely worn out, I loved them that much.

My grandma was extremely talented at sewing and inspired me to take up sewing when I started my own family. She sadly passed away when I was in high school and left some the most beautiful fabrics which was passed on to me from my mum. To say that this fabric is special would be an understatement.

Amongst the fabric was a lovely white corduroy with blue flowers printed on it. It felt much thicker than the corduroy that I was familiar with which made it the perfect fabric to create an outfit for cooler weather.

While she was sleeping, I cut up my grandma's vintage corduroy and made this fully lined pinafore for my Little Monkey.

This looks like something my grandma would have made for me when I was little :)

There is no better place to test a new pinafore than a playground.

A pinafore made out of vintage corduroy and a pair of $1 jeans from an op-shop... Yep...

The length is just perfect for monkeying around.

See? I didn't make it up. It is fully lined.

What a cheeky little model I have :)

Oh, Little Monkey by name, little monkey by nature :)

I am willing to bet a lot of money she will want to wear her new pinafore all the time!

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    1. Hi Kat, thank you for popping over and for you lovely message :) Have you made anything for Pip and Pop yet?


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