Recycled apron for a little cook

All families have traditions. There are a few things I especially enjoy doing with my little family. Every night we read and cuddle all together. Every week Little Monkey and I wave 'hello' to rubbish collecting trucks. During school terms we attend (and help facilitate) a weekly music program and then have fun at a nearby playground. My husband and I take turns swimming with Little Monkey. These little traditions allow us grow closer and enjoy each other's company.

A few weeks ago Little Monkey and I started a new tradition. On days when we don't have to rush to childcare and work we make pancakes for breakfast. Little Monkey does the most beautiful job mixing the ingredients. Of course flour and the mix get on her fingers and hands and then find their way all over her clothes.

Making an apron for my little helper sounded like a good solution. I wanted to make something bright and fun, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I thought I could use a tea towel to make an apron for my daughter. A few years ago my mum made me a couple of tea towels with a traditional Russian print on them. I pulled one out and measured it against my little cook. The width was just perfect. That was it. A brightly coloured tea towel was destined to become an apron.

So, While she was sleeping, I made an apron for my Little Monkey.

After I made one, I had a small piece of the original tea towel left - just enough to make a small apron.

 These aprons look bright and funky, and they did not cost me a cent.

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    1. Thank you Suz :) Every time we cook with my daughter now she asks for her 'fartoochek" - apron :)

  2. Kids just love 'cooking' and wearing an apron. Great job on making such a cute apron for $0, Jenya.


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