The tale of the Naughty Jumper

Once upon a time there was a Naughty Jumper. I cannot tell you if it has always been naughty. It used to belong to another little girl before it was passed on to Little Monkey.

Little Monkey did not like the Naughty Jumper. The collar was too tight and hurt Little Monkey's ears and nose every time Mummy tried to put it on her.

One day Mummy got very frustrated with the Naughty Jumper. She took her fabric scissors and cut its collar off. 

"Oh! What have you done?" cried the Naughty Jumper. "I look silly now!"

Mummy took another look at the Naughty Jumper, and she got an idea. She ran off to her sewing room and came back with a measuring tape. She measured her daughter from waist to knees, and the the Naughty Jumper from underarms to hem. "Aha!" said Mummy. The Naughty Jumper could sense it was in trouble.

"I am sorry for being naughty. I will be a nice jumper now, I promise," said the Naughty Jumper.

"You will be very nice... as a skirt!" replied Mummy.

Mummy took the crying Naughty Jumper to her sewing room and marked where she wanted to cut the jumper - right under the sleeves. The Naughty Jumper kept on begging her to leave him alone, but Mummy was not listening.

She picked up her scissors and cut the naughty Jumper along the marked line. "Noooooo!" cried the Naughty Jumper, but it was too late.

After cutting the Naughty Jumper, Mummy set her sewing machine to zig zag stitch, with rather small stitch length.

She placed the raw edge under the presser foot and started stitching, stretching the Naughty Jumper as much as she could while she was stitching. The Naughty Jumper did not enjoy that.

However, when Mummy finished stitching the Naughty Jumper realised it now looked like a ruffled skirt. "This is nice," said the Naughty Jumper. "Glad you like it," replied Mummy.

"I am not finished yet," said Mummy. "I think you will look even nicer with a small pocket". "OK," said the Naughty Jumper.

Mummy cut out a rectangle out of the Naughty Jumper's sleeve.

She went back to her sewing machine and made the top of the pocket look 'ruffly' the same way she achieved this look on the bottom of the new skirt.

She pinned the pocket in place,

and stitched it to the skirt using the same stitch setting as before. "Oh, I like this," said the Naughty Jumper".

Then Mummy cut a small opening on  what used to be the inside of the hem of the Naughty Jumper. "What's this for?" asked the Naughty Jumper. "This is where I am going to insert the elastic," replied Mummy.

Mummy proceeded by threading the elastic through. Now the Naughty Jumper really looked like a cute skirt. "You are no longer the Naughty Jumper," said Mummy. "From now on you are the Nice Skirt". "Oh, I love being the Nice Skirt, thank you very much".

"Please wait a minute," said Mummy. "Let me sew a button on your pocket. Trust me, you will like it".

The Nice Skirt loved a cute little button on it's pocket.

This is the tale of the Naughty Jumper. But it was not a Naughty Jumper any more. It became a cute little skirt, and Little Monkey loved it.

Is there a naughty jumper in your little girl's wardrobe? Would it enjoy being a skirt instead? Give it a go. I would appreciate a link back to this tutorial should you choose to use it. 

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