Winter cuteness

It is getting colder in my corner of the world... Brr!! 

Little Monkey needed a new jacket. I loved the Little Red Riding Hood Jacket pattern by Puperita. The jacket looked so sweet and childish, and yet very stylish. It is fully lined, which is just what I wanted.

I had some gorgeous lilac coat fabric and coordinating quilting fabric I chose to use for lining. I was very excited and a little nervous about making my first ever winter jacket. Puperita has been very supportive and gave me some useful tips on sewing thicker fabrics.

The pattern was perfect. The instructions were flawless. The support was appreciated. The jacket turned out pretty sweet :)

"Mummy, Mummy, purple jacket! MY jacket!" squealed Little Monkey when I showed her the new jacket. Yep. The best compliment.

The bell shaped details on the sleeves of this jacket is further proof of Puperita's attention to detail.

The smallest size in this pattern is 2-3. It is a bit roomy for Little Monkey who is size 1-2. That is not an issue since we have a few cold months ahead. A bigger jacket means she will get a lot of wear out of it. It also means Little Monkey can wear a jumper underneath her jacket on very cold days. Yes there is such thing as very cold days in Australia!

How cute are these wooden buttons?!

I love pockets with flaps. 

The length is perfect for monkeying around.

Yep, fully lined.

Just chillin'.

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  1. Love the coat (and those buttons!) I spent a semester in Australia during college...luckily it was our 'winter' semester so I was able to have two summers that year!

    1. Hi Monica :) What did you study here? Two summers in one year sounds great! I had two summers once. I also had two winters once... I felt completely ripped off!

  2. I just wanted to let you know I featured your coat today from our Fall Clothing Linky Party at Get Your Crap Together! Thanks for linking up!


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