Do you sew for boys?

A lot of people ask me this question, "Do you sew for boys?"

I have a little girl, and I sew for her. A lot. I offer my little creations at local markets. Most of them are outfits for girls.

But do I sew for boys? I hope this is an acceptable answer :)

This shirt is for a little boy who is just about to turn one. His mum asked me if I could make something with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. So, While she was sleeping, I made a shirt using a Going To Safari pattern by Puperita.

I have only made a collar once before... some 20 years ago, at school... I didn't have a lot of fabric with the hungry caterpillar and I was a bit nervous I could ruin it, so I made a practice shirt. As you do haha The collar on the practice shirt turned out pretty cute, so I cut into fabric with the hungry caterpillar.

My sewing OCD kicked in something shocking while I was making a pocket for the shirt. I could not have a mismatched pocket, so I spent a little time (and a little fabric) to match the print perfectly. I thought the front of the shirt was perfect, too... until I sewed on the buttons and realised it was a bit off centre... Oops... Next time it will match perfectly - I promise!

Going To Safari is yet another great pattern designed by Puperita. To date, I used five of her patterns, and I am very happy with them.

So, do you sew for boys?

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  1. Such precision matching up the pocket, Jenya!!! A great little shirt.

  2. I love it. This fabric reminds me of the first thing I bought for my now nine year old girl. We didn't know if she was a boy or girl, so we were buying gender neutral, and a very hungry caterpillar outfit was perfect!

  3. Cute. I bet he will love it!

  4. Super nice,! What a fun fabric!


  5. That pocket is amazing!! Super cute :)


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