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Hi guys,

today I would like to introduce you all to Christina from 2 little hooligans. I have come across Christina's blog many times in the past to check out her tutorials. Over the last few months I started chatting with her. Christina is very talented sewist and a beautiful person. Check out this gorgeous Julia Cardigan she made for herself recently. Christina's son looks very heroic in his Knight Hoodie and I just love this dress she made for one of her daughters. Also, if Christina promises to make you a diaper (nappy) bag if you have a child, rest assured she will make something gorgeous! And if Christina's mermaid dolls are not perfection itself, I don't know what is! Please check out Christina's blog to see more gorgeous creations!

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Hi, I am Christina and I blog over at 2 little hooligans. I am a stay at home momma to three little ones even though I am just sharing pictures of me and my girls today.

IMG_6527 copy1

I started sewing clothing for my kids about 2 years ago and haven't stopped ever since.

IMG_6529 copy1

There is just something so amazing about watching your little ones grow-up in handmade clothes... that you yourself made.

IMG_6531 copy 1

I have gotten to a point where I really know my girls styles and what they like to wear. I always incorporate their styles into what I make. If I don't, they will not wear them and to me that is a big waste of time and money. Fortunately my girls styles are similar to mine. They love their knits and comfy clothes that are practical to wear. But they also love to wear dresses, just like their Momma! I see a lot of myself in my girls, especially my oldest daughter. 

For this series I made myself a sweatshirt since I tend to live in comfy knits. I self drafted the sweatshirt by using one of my favorites as a template and just added a little extra length so I could wear it with leggings too. I used some sweatshirt knit fabric that I have had in my stash for years. It has turned out to be one my most favorite pieces that I have made myself. I really wish I would have made a paper pattern while I was making it because I would love to make about 10 more of these. 

For the girls I made them some palazzo pants. I just used a pair of pants they already had as a quick template and adjusted the width quite a bit. Then I paired the pants with one of their favorite tees seen here before. I wanted to adjust the width of the pants a bit but the girls LOVED them as they were. Luckily I was thinking when I made them and put a wide hem on the bottom so that these pants will allow for growth. I am pretty sure these pants will be around for many years.

IMG_6488 copy1

The number one question I get from people after they have asked if I made my kids clothes is "Are you really going to let them do that in your handmade clothes? All that time you put into making them?" My answer is always "YES!" What is the point of making my kids clothes if they cannot live in them? If my kids are living and loving their handmade clothes then that is by far the best feeling. Well loved, worn clothes show a happy life. I don't want their clothes to stop them from doing what kids want to do... even if it means walking around in mud puddles with new pants and creme colored shirts on.

IMG_6500 copy

I happen to be a huge nature lover and hopefully I have passed that onto my kids as well. One of my favorite things to do is stop at all those little nature spots on the side of the road. You know all those spots that most people drive by? Well I take a few minutes to stop and enjoy them. You would be amazed by how much fun can be had there. And might I add FREE fun!

IMG_6532 copy copy

Of course I intended on getting some really nice photos of me and my girls with our handmade clothes but as you can see that did not happen. They were too busy living in their handmade clothes. And I am perfectly fine with that!

IMG_6514 copy

Because life is all about spending a few minutes to watch fish jump in the pond.

IMG_6555 copy2

Or picking a bunch of wild flowers. It's not only good for the soul but such a great way to bond with your children.


"Taking the time to stop and smell the flowers" means so much more then just that.


Thank you so much for having me here today Jenya. What a beautiful way to celebrate our love for making with those we love most!

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Thank you very much for sharing with us today Christina. The outfits you have made are gorgeous, and I love it how you embrace your girl's likes when you make something for them. And if you ask me, nothing beats jumping in puddles in gorgeous and comfy handmade clothes!

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  1. aww, such a sweet intro! thanks again for asking me to be part of your series! i cannot wait to see the rest of the series.

    1. Christina, I am so glad you liked the idea of the series and agreed to participate. I enjoyed reading your post, and the photos are just priceless!

  2. So great, Christina! Love the neckline of your sweatshirt...I always see the photos before I read the words, and think oooh, I wonder where that pattern is from, and then 9 times out of 10 the person is all 'oh, I self drafted this baby...' And I agree with the letting the kids get down and dirty in their handmades, of course! Fun series, Jenya!

  3. so lovely!!! these photos are gorgeous!!

  4. I have been following Christina's blog for a while, and love it! =) She has such wonderful sewing creations!

  5. How beautiful Christina. You and your girls are gorgeous!

  6. This is so so sweet and ahhhhh those photos - perfection!!

  7. ohhh love the pants! and your photos are gorgeous!

  8. Fabulous photos!!! Kids just love playing in mud.

  9. They are gorgeous, your girls clearly love bboth wearing and playing in them


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