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Today I welcome one more sewing friend, Marte from Compagnie M. Marte is a very talented sewist and pattern designer. Our friendship began after I gave Marte a heart attack in the middle of one of her pattern tours. Marte's patterns are exceptionally well designed and written. I bet Marte's twin daughters are among the best dressed children in Belgium! Check out this gorgeous Mara dress! Marte made beautiful dresses for her girl's 2nd birthday. You can see one here. How about pants? These funky Jacob pants look super cute on girls too! And I just love this coat. This little backpack Marte made as a present for her friends is so incredibly cute, don't you think?

When Marte sent me her post she was a little worried that she interpreted the idea of the series a little differently - and I am glad she did!

* * *

Hi everyone! I'm Marte and I blog at Compagnie M. When Jenya invited me to participate I just loved the idea of the YOU & ME series! But it was only afterwards that I started realising that I actually never sew for myself. Although I've been making clothes for 4 years now, I only made two very easy A-line skirts for myself. So to be honest with you, I just used this series as an excuse to make a new outfit for myself! :) No kids in my blogspost, just me. After I had sewn my own outfit, there was no time left anymore... How selfish is that!? Now if any one wants to see how much I sew for Lisa & Nore I invite you to visit my blog. I don't hear them complaining! ;) Now back to the series! You and me, is in my case Lisa & Nore and me. But when it comes to sewing until today I was just focusing on them. Never felt the need to sew an outfit for myself. Do you know this excuse that you just hope to loose some weight first? Well, that's why I never actually started making clothes for myself. But for this series I made an exception. A huge one: because I don't like to see pictures of myself. I hope you will enjoy them! ;) So here I am: showing my new cardigan. Love the result actually, so I'm so glad that Jenya kind of forced me to get out of my comfort zone! Here I will be showing the cardigan in a romantic combination and setting! I invite you to come over to my blog to have a look at my urban chick combination as well...

  Compagnie-M_jacket 2 

This pattern is from a Belgian book, but I actually found out that this pattern was originally published in this Great British Sewing Bee book. This 5 stars project was difficult to sew but I'm so happy with the result! I'm sure that this cardigan will become one of my favourite garments...

  Compagnie-M_jacket 1

I combined a mint green woolen fabric with a white cotton one (with some little green, yellow and orange dots) that I bought in Berlin on my last city trip. The combination is perfect. When I first saw this pattern, I knew this fabric would be the perfect match. A color I've never worn before, but I think it suits me... Hope you feel the same?

  Compagnie-M_jacket 3

Since I actually didn't dare to take my measurements I've just sewn the largest size! I did had to adjust the width at the end because it turned out too big. I had to make the shoulders smaller and took away 1 extra cm at the side seams. Here is where my pattern drawing skills became very useful.

  Compagnie-M_jacket 5

I paired the cardigan for this romantic style with a handmade dress (from the same book) and my new sandals!

  Compagnie-M_jacket 6    
Thanks Jenya for inviting me to participate! You made me realise how fun it is to sew clothes for myself. I also learned that I will not show myself on my blog regularly. I will never become the new Trine! :) 
  Compagnie-M_jacket 4    
 Want to see my cardigan in a more casual style? Hop over to my blog to see more pictures!  

  Compagnie-M_jacket 11

* * *

Marte, we both have only made a couple of things for ourselves in the past, but you did what I was too intimidated to do - you made a jacket! A gorgeous jacket I must add. This colour does look very good on you. Thank you for sharing this project with us today. 

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  1. When I saw this post I realised that I've never seen you in front of the camera Marte! Great that this series inspired you to sew for yourself - your jacket is lovely!!

  2. Marte, you and the blazer look fantastic! That color is perfect for you! You are soooo cool!


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