Daffodil skirt and a ruffle T-shirt

I am usually the one who needs a good enough excise to put aside children's patterns and sew for myself, however over the past couple of months I developed such taste for selfish sewing I needed an excuse to put grown ups patterns aside and make something for my daughter!

February's twist in the Flip This Pattern series provided me with a great excuse to do just that. I usually follow the series, and last winter I had a chance to participate in this competition. I was more than happy to be a part of Free for All event.

Choosing what to make for my daughter was almost exhausting! In the end I decided to make her a skirt and a top.

It is a cute yet practical outfit that her royal cheekiness can wear anywhere.

I made a summer version of the Daffodil skirt. Little Monkey loved the original skirt and has been asking to wear it long after she grew out of it. I kept on promising to make her a bigger skirt, but just haven't got to it. Bad sewing mama!

Well, after whipping up this little skirt I didn't feel guilty anymore. The skirt is very light. I used denim chambray I purchased from House of Cloth as the main fabric. Lining for the bottom tear is made from white cotton voile (or lawn?) from Spotlight, with white lace that my mum brought from Russia.

After making the original skirt I wanted to try and multiply Little Monkey's waist measurement by 1.5 for the top tier and bottom by 2.5. It sure added some twirly factor!

I felt it would be appropriate to make a top to go with Little Monkey's new skirt. This my friends was not as easy as it sounds. A couple of months ago I made a couple of tops for my daughter which she is refusing to wear now because... you would not believe it... they are not long enough! Yep, the biggest fault of those tops is that they are not dresses. So you can understand my anxiety thinking about making another top that may end up being rejected.

About a year ago I made a ruffle t-shirt that she absolutely loved. I thought I would give it a go and make a new one.

She loves it! Bingo! The tutorial for this ruffle T-shirt is written by Susan from Living with Punks. It is a really quick project that does not use up much fabric at all. I used one of my daughter's cheap t-shirts and my old top.

Can you believe that my daughter approved of an outfit that had no buttons or pockets? Me neither! But is is true my friends! Was she happy to be photographed? Nope! The photo below is just about my favourite photo form this photo shoot. Would you like to know why my cheeky girl looks so happy? Because she is being a little naughty! I asked to her to stay still so that I could walk a few steps away from her to take a good photo and then I heard her giggling her precious little head off running towards me! I started clicking my camera like a crazy woman. Her hand is not in the shot, but I just love this cheeky smile!

Would a cheeky little girl in your life enjoy a new skirt? You are welcome to use my Daffodil skirt tutorial. I also asked a few sewing bloggers to include their free patterns and tutorials in a small round up. Enjoy!

 4. Pip skirt     5. Souffle skirt     6. Peggy skirt    

Please visit other participants of Flip This Patter Free for All event for more ideas and inspiration.

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  1. Very cute. Love the white lace peeping from underneath!

  2. The denim chambray and white lace are just the perfect combination, Jenya. The whole outfit looks adorable!!! Thanks for including two of my skirts.

  3. Oh my....what a mess!! We've got a niece that is not a fan of being photographed at times either....

    The free skirt round-up is terrific too!! Such opportunities for creativity...

  4. Beautiful outfit and your daughter is just too cute...

  5. Wow - I love the two tiered idea and I love the lace too! What a little cutie LM is :)

  6. What a cute skirt! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the combination of chambray and lace. It looks so cute with the white ruffles tee. The skirts round up is a sweet treat. Thanks :)

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous outfit and my my how she has grown. Seeing you in all these posts is fantastic but wow she look like she has grown a few inches!!

  9. Pretty outfit! I love denim, lace, and white combination! Great round-up too!

  10. I LOVE this outfit! You can't beat chambray and white.:) Beautiful!

  11. aaaah I love love love that white lace underskirt, it is so "романтично" The whole outfit is, really! Thank you for all the skirt tutorials, I haven't made my kid a single skirt yet!

  12. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :) Yes Little Monkey has been busy growing!

  13. I want that skirt!! Wow! Love, love, love the outfit.
    And yes, LM is growing up! Is it only bittersweet for me?


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