Everyday skirt in denim

I am a sewaholic. When I don't get to sew for a period of time my eye begins to twitch. OK, not literally, but I certainly feel something is missing. I don't have a lot of time to sew at present. In fact, I have not sewed for a few weeks after I finished a romper for my baby girl. I started feeling grumpy. Sleep deprivation only made things worse. I needed a fix. I needed to make something quick and easy, fun and wearable.

My mum gave me the Everyday skirt pattern as a Birthday present, and it ticked every box. 

Friends, I am in love with this skirt! It has a relaxed fit and sits just above the hip bones. It is exceptionally comfortable and very forgiving for my post-baby body!

I think that the gathering on the skirt combined with a flat waistband at the front makes the tummy area look nice. The elastic at the back will make adjusting the skirt easier as my body continues to shrink (hopefully). And the pockets! They are just the right size! 

I made this skirt from chambray I also used for this dress for R and this dress for my niece. There is a possibility I still have three metres of this fabric in my cupboard... 

The hardest part about making this skirt was determining the size. Ladies that just recently had babies, take note! To avoid disappointment do not measure yourself just before going to bed at night, especially if you had a nice big dinner and perhaps a little more than reasonable ice cream for dessert... My measurements taken at night put me in size L. I have never been size L so I nearly regretted eating the above-mentioned ice cream. I re-measured myself the following day around lunch time. What do you know! Playing with my big girl and changing nappies for my little one work better than any fancy workout as I magically shrunk to size M! So that's the size I made. I am wondering if I am size S at breakfast time...

I already pre-washed fabric for one more Everyday skirt. Taking into account that I only get to sew a few seams a day if I am lucky I will be showing off my new skirt in approximately three months. Stay tuned!


  1. I can't believe this is you post-baby! :) :) You look amazing, my friend! I only wish I had your genes! :)
    Love chambray skirts! And you're not alone, I also hoard chambray... :)

  2. You look great! I bought this pattern a while ago, enticed by the elastic waist, but sewing for me often takes a back seat to sewing for my girls... That said, when a pattern is relatively quick and easy -- and turns out so pretty, I think I can be persuaded! ;)

  3. All this is an amazing outfit. So chic and so wearable!! And I don't know what post baby body you are talking about??? You look amazing!!!

  4. Hot mama! very pretty skirt and you look amazing Jenya!!! I looove chambray, although I don't have many meter of that precious on my stash..hmm, I think I need to buy some!

  5. You look gorgeous, this skirt will be your wear all the time skirt (I know this because I'm wearing my gathered denim skirt all the time & dreaming up a lighter weight one now for summer!) Gorgeous jacket/colour on you too.

  6. You look fabulous, Jenya!!! Well done on sewing just a little at a time. Your skirt looks great. Lucky girl with three yards of chambray tucked away.


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