MaaiDesign blog tour: Plantain tee, Lila jumpsuit and bribing babies

Matching outfits is my husband's worst nightmare. Look what I did to him!

Yes, I made a Plantain tee for myself and a Lila jumpsuit * for baby L form the same fabric! It is beautiful Firework Blue organic cotton jersey by Froy & Dind. Froy & Dind fabric is known to my European sewing friends. The good news is that now it is also available in Australia. Maaike, a lovely Belgian lady who, just like me, now calls Australia home, has a wide range of high quality European fabric in her online store MaaiDesign. Maaike is currently hosting a blog tour, and today is my turn to Show and Tell **.

This little girl is full of life! She never stops moving. When I pick her up her little legs run in the air. I pit my hand under her feet and she starts jumping up and down making the cutest giggling sounds.

She is a keen explorer. She wants to see, touch (and put in her mouth) everything!

She is fascinated with grass. When we play outside she wiggles her way to the edge of the mat and starts digging and picking grass. Watching her little fingers at work is such a delight!

This was not my first time sewing with fabric from Maaike's shop. Just before Christmas I made a dress for R from gorgeous Artie Pink jersey. The fabric was so good and lasted so well I was browsing through knit fabric at Maaike's shop when she invited me to participate in her tour. What a timely invitation!

I was originally planning on making a dress or a top for R and a tee for myself. Using beautiful and let's face it not the cheapest fabric on a baby seemed a little excessive. Babies grow so fast! They can get away with cheaper stuff for sure. But this, my friends, was an act of desperation.

This angelic face belongs to a baby that does not sleep through the night. Yep, nope. I thought I would try and bribe her into sleeping though by sewing for her. A few months ago I tested the Lila dress pattern designed by Compagnie M and Lily & Woody. I was going to test the jumpsuit version as well but had to pull out as baby L got sick. Now we are heading towards cooler weather it felt right to sew a jumpsuit.

Baby L is currently between sizes so I decided to make size 6-9 months for her. The jumpsuit is a little roomy around her chest, but I bet she will grow into it by lunchtime next Wednesday. Besides, I am planning on putting a onesie underneath the jumpsuit. It was simply too hot to make L wear any more clothes for a photo shoot.

Don't worry precious, your bottom looks good in these :P

After making this jumpsuit and seeing how comfortable L was in it I decided it was worth spending a little extra on things for babies. This fabric is so soft, it has great stretch and recovery, I am now convinced it is perfect for little wigglers. In fact, I purchased Elephant Blue to make more jumpsuits for L and Artie Blue for R (but I think I will keep it for myself).

I guess you would like to know if bribing L worked? I think she really liked her Lila jumpsuit and in a bid to make me sew more for her she started waking up twice a night! Ha! The cute thing is that I finished this jumpsuit in time to celebrate her first tooth.

I loved my first Plantain tee so much I wanted to make another. She who attends to a baby at any time of a day or night deserves a treat!

I am planning on making at least two more Plantain tees. After I make twenty you can stage an intervention. Until then just let this tired mama sew :)

While I used the same fabric to make these two items I am not planning on wearing them at the same time. Otherwise we might be risking appearing in the What not to wear section of your favourite fashion magazine!

However since we are among friends... How funny is this photo!

Maaike is offering 10% discount storewide with the code maaidesign10% until the 26th of March.

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** Maaike offered a generous discount on fabric I used for this post, however expressed opinions are my own.


  1. Awwww, so cute! That jumpsuit looks so sweet on her, and I was like you about not wanting to use fancy fabric on babies, but if you have a few good pieces that they wear a lot, it's worth it, right? ;) And the tee looks fabulous on you! I'm in love with that fabric! I need to find a good source over here ;) My husband detests matchy-matchy looks too. One time we mistakenly wore the same sweatshirt, and when he saw me he (nearly) shrieked and ran back in the bedroom to change, haha.

    1. I love matching outfits on the kids, bot too sure about the 'baby visually blending into her mummy' effect though haha Yes, using good fabric on something that would be worn again and again is definitely worth it!

  2. Oh Jenya you are so funny! You had me laughing out loud here! That last picture is the best, your baby almost blends into you. You two look very cute together, I think you should go out into town together like this all the time ;)

    1. haha Thanks :) The last pic was my husband's idea! So maybe he is actually OK with it?

  3. You both look great! These pictures are gorgeous! My baby boy slept through the night for the first time when he was 9 months old, I was so extremely tired! :-) I laughed out loud with this blogpost, well done!

    1. Thank you Annick :) My big girlie started sleeping though the night at about 7 weeks old. So being up twice a night at 7 months is a bit of a shock to a system. I know it is only a stage and it will pass, but boy am I tired! Oh well, no need to cry about, I'd rather laugh instead!

  4. Haha, you are so funny :-) Tell your husband that I love matching outfits, twinning is winning!

  5. Amazing outfits! I have the perfect fabric for a Plantain tee. Would love to try it. One day... ;)

  6. Well you both look gorgeous, and since I've just made a dress from this same, gorgeous fabric I think we all need to meet up for coffee. Bring your hubby along!! :)

    1. I am sure he will be thrilled to attend hahaha We should invite Toni as well! ;) Looking forward to your post :) What pattern did you use? I have a fair bit of this fabric left (I always over-estimate how much fabric I need) so I might save it for a dress for myself! When I can wear dresses again :)

  7. This is so cute, I love how baby L 'disappears' in blue flowers in the last pic! And you're looking so trim Jenya! I know the lack of sleep is horrific, but it doesn't last, your pictures are making me ever so nostalgic for my babies x

  8. Both items are just perfect, Jenya. That plantain style suits you really well. You might be tired, but you're looking great!

  9. Adorable! The fabric sounds luscious. I'm a plantain addict too. I have plans for at least one more real soon myself.

  10. Gorgeous! She certainly camouflages in the last photo!

  11. Absolutely too cute Jenya! I love the plantain shirt on you and your girl is adorable :)

  12. You two are so cute ! This fabric and those patterns match perfectly ! :)
    Soso Abricot

  13. I love the matcing outfits! Tell your husband you are saving money using every last bit haha. I love a Plantain tee too, about to start a winter tee binge and will make a few more!

  14. I keep making matching things for my girls because it is such a nice way of using up the rest of the fabric! It is kinda awkward when we accidentally match at church. ahaha.


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