Naples tunic with a twist

While she was sleeping, I treated my sweet baby L to something very special.

I made her a new tunic using the Naples dress pattern, the latest release from Jennuine Design.

Baby L's tunic is made from the most delicious denim from the Denim Studio line generously provided by Art Gallery Fabrics. It took me just about forever to choose fabric for this project. I decided to use Ditsy Abrasion for the skirt part of baby L's tunic. I fell in love with this print when I saw a jacket Laura made for her daughter. I think Bombazine Inspired that I used for the bodice compliments it very well. The fabric was an absolute delight to work with. Thank you AGF!

I used two of Jenn's patterns before. Miss R has been enjoying her Verona dress for a few moths, and recently I made a Satya romper for baby L. Both patterns were great and I would not hesitate to recommend them. However I must admit that when Jenn first introduced the Naples dress pattern I was not excited about it. It did not feel like my style, if you know what I mean. However the more photos of this pattern sewn by Jenn and her testers I saw, the more it looked attractive to me.

The Naples dress pattern has beautiful curves that give it such feminine feel. I love the shape of the cross over bodice. Jenn offers a number of various skirt and sleeve options. I decided to give this pattern a go and make it more 'me'. It was very easy to do.

To start with, I decided to omit bias tape finishes and lined the bodice instead. I simply added seam allowance to the front of the bodice and the neckline and cut two of each piece, one from denim and one from voile. Jenn gives brief but clear instructions on how to sew a lined bodice.

Babies and young children have larger heads in proportion to the rest of their bodies. Jenn designed the neckline to be snug fitting and offered a couple of clever ways to adjust the pattern to make sure babies heads fit through the neckline opening with ease.

I decided to make my life even easier and ended up doing what I do best - complicating things.

I added a button placket to the back of the dress. This step made me scratch my head. A lot! I knew what I wanted to achieve, however I could not visualise how to do it best. In the end I added the total of 5 cm to the centre fold line to create a placket (2 cm for each side and 1 extra cm to finish the side of the placket). I only extended the lining pieces by 2 cm, so the edge of the lining is finishing on the placket fold line and is tucked inside a placket. I used iron on interfacing on the inside of the placket. I overlocked the side of the placket and the hem of the skirt to avoid bulk also. I have no idea if what I did is correct. All I know it worked. Please let me know if there is a better way of doing this.

Now, what is one thing that goes hand in hand with denim? Topstitching! Of course! I simply put two regular threads through one needle to mimic topstitching thread.

I think that four large buttons and topstitching add a fun touch. It feels like there is a party going on at the back of baby L's tunic and I love it! This is definitely 'me'.

My baby tried to use grass as party food during the photo shoot. Picking and eating grass obviously requires a lot of concentration!

Being a mean mummy I took grass off her. Poor baby had no other choice but to try eat the flowers off her tunic! Yeah sweetie, life is so unfair... 

Thank you for having me on tour Jenn. I said I was not super excited by this pattern when it was first introduced however I love it now! Thank you for putting a lot of time and effort into making such high quality pattern. Everything lines up perfectly. Your instructions are amazingly detailed. The Naples dress pattern turned out to be easily customised. I could not be more pleased with the final result. Thank you Jenn. 

If you would like to see more  version of this pattern please visit other blog tour participants:

Until the 27th of March you can save 25% off Jennuine Design patterns (excl. bundles) using code NAPLESTOUR. There is also an opportunity to win any three of Jenn's PDF patterns and a fat quarter bundle of Essentials II range of Art Gallery fabric. 

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* Jenn provided the pattern for free. I mean what I say about it.
** Art Gallery provided fabric for this post free of charge. I am afraid I am hooked on it!
*** Baby L did not consume too much grass during the photo shoot.


  1. I'm so glad we got to see these pictures of adorable squishy baby L!! Thanks so much for your kind words and making a perfect personalized version of the pattern. I love the simple changes to make it unique!

  2. I love your tunic and the changes you made to it are so perfectly you! The lining looks so pretty, and sleeveless - it has a completely different look! And I'm all for big buttons -- they are so fun for baby clothes! Can I use any more exclamation marks?! Obviously your post has got me all excited for this pattern! ;) Love it as always!

  3. So cute. I like the changes you made and the fabric you chose. The topstitching and buttons are so fun!

  4. Adorable! That first photo is especially precious! I have this same denim waiting for me as well! It is lovely!

  5. Just adorable, Jenya. Love the style and fabric. Little L. looks so cute and is growing up quickly.

  6. This is adorable, your version is gorgeous with those big buttons! Loooove! <3

  7. The button placket was a nice touch!


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