Inspired by Mie: colour blocked Lila tunic and yellow Drew leggings

Around three years ago I started this blog hoping to get to know sewing enthusiasts around the globe. During this time I have been taught and inspired, challenged and stretched, comforted and reassured by the most amazing people within the sewing community. Today a group of us would like to take an opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to one exceptionally talented seamstress.

Mie is a sewing superstar behind Sewing Like Mad. She is a formally trained seamstress with many years of experience. Mie is one of the most generous, encouraging and down to earth people I was lucky to meet.

Mie, I feel a little awkward putting my thoughts in words, so I made a couple of quick projects that showcase what I learnt from you, a Lila tunic* by Compagnie M and Lily & Woody and Drew leggings by Sadi and Sam.

Mie, we all know your love for stripes and colour blocking. Baby L's new Lila tunic reflects just that.

I used one of my stripey singlets and two maternity bands, black and white, to make this tunic. Care tugs on all three things suggested the fabric was cotton/elastine. Perfect!

It felt like the stripey top had more stretch, so I lined the bodice with fabric harvested from the white maternity band. The flap is also made from the same maternity band. The black band provided plenty of fabric for the skirt.

I love the look on Baby L's face in this photo. What can I say - the girl loves her stripey rattle. By the way, do I get extra points for using a stripey rattle as a prop? It was unintentional and I did not realise how well it fitted the theme until I started editing photos!

Mie, you are a sewing conscience of a lot of people, myself included. One has got to do their best. Full stop. I did my best matching stripes. I would say my success rate was over 80%. The stripes on shoulders and across the bodice match very well. I decided I could live with 1-2 mm mismatching on the sides.

I was a little unsure about Baby L's tunic being monochromatic until I saw your February installment of Sew Japan With Mie.

Anyone who has been following your blog for at least a little while know you choose the most amazing fabric for your projects. I was a little worried that cutting up an old top and a couple of unwanted maternity bands might not be Mie worthy. That was until I saw your comment on Emi's World Book Day post. Phew!

Mie, we all know you love colour. I think a couple of yellow vintage buttons I cut off my pre-test version of the Lila tunic provide a nice splash of colour on her new tunic. Bright yellow leggings made from a tee-shirt complete the look. Yes, it is a completely recycled outfit!

I used the Drew leggings pattern by Sadi and Sam (formerly known as Spit Up & Stilettos). The pattern was once available as a free download. I altered the pattern slightly by omitting the cuffs so the leggings are a 7/8 length. I love the fit of these leggings. Lauren, the designer behind the brand, is currently making some adjustments to the pattern and it will be available for purchase in the near future.

Baby L and I had a picnic before we had to pickup Miss R from school. Baby L got a little cold so I put a onesie underneath her Lila tunic. In a sense it was lucky as you get to see what the tunic looks like layered.

In case you were wondering what would happen if I took the rattle off my bub... But you get to see her teeth! OK, I am not completely heartless. I quickly returned the rattle to my upset little girlie and we became friends again.

Mie, you suggest using matching overlocker thread when sewing. Here is a bad photo to prove I did that! You will need to trust me that I used yellow thread to sew leggings. You might also be pleased to know that there has been no sewing over the pins ;)

All jokes aside, thank you for your support and encouragement Mie. You are such an inspiration. I consider myself lucky to have 'met' you. My little meerkat impersonator agrees :)

Thank you Celina and Ines for organising this wonderful surprise celebration in Mie's honour :)

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  1. Meerkat impersonator!!! hahahaha, my gosh you really ARE hilarious. This is just the SWEETEST and I could totally get used to personal commentary in blog posts. My goodness this is SUCH AN HONOR and I so so soooo appreciate it. THANK YOU my friend!

  2. Haha, I love the outfit, the post and Mie, of course!

  3. This is seriously too cute. <3 great outfit and the most adorable and cute girl. :)
    Thank you so much for taking part my friend. <3

    1. You have come up with such a brilliant idea Ines! This is why I love being a part of this community :)


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