Lila jumpsuit for winter

 Winter is coming.

This is not only the motto of House Stark, this is also a reality for us in the Southern hemisphere. Well, winter is well and truly here now, but it was only coming when I made this jumpsuit for Baby L.

I absolutely love sewing for Baby L. Everything is so small and adorable! And I have not heard her complain about something for not having buttons or pockets ;)

One of my favourite patterns for little people is the Lila dress and jumpsuit pattern. I have already used it a few times here, here and here. As temperatures began to drop I made a winter version of this pattern.

I used bright green merino/fleece blend from The Fabric Store for the body of the jumpsuit. This fabric is 87% merino, 10% nylon and 3% lycra. It is soft, warm and has just enough stretch.

I was a little unsure about the colour at first so showed a photo to my big girlie who declared it was beautiful and that she loved it. I bought enough of this fabric to make matching outfits for my girlies. Much to my husband's horror haha

The bodice of the jumpsuit is made from Artie Blue organic jersey by Froy & Dind that I purchased from MaaiDesign. I just love the rich colour of this fabric. The quality is amazing.

The jumpsuit is soft, warm and comfy. The fit is spot on. Just what one would want from an outfit for a busy little explorer.

Bye-bye for now!


  1. Oh, I love blue and green together, Jenya - a stunning combination. She's growing up so quickly. Won't be too long till you hear what she likes and doesn't.

  2. blue and green are one of my all time favorite color combos - this is so cute!!! And can I just say, I always find it fascinating that while it is hot here - it is getting colder somewhere else. I know this is just the natural way of things, but fascinating nonetheless. Adorable jumpsuit!

  3. It's such a beautful color combination! And I love that jumpsuit. I love all the versions you've made, in fact. It makes me wish I still had a little squishy baby to dress (and not just because these little babies don't complain about buttons, pockets, dresses not being twirly enough....) haha. But I'll just admire yours, though, because she is just perfect. xxx

  4. Oh, she's just so cute. That jumpsuit is absolutely adorable!


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