Anspired - Lua sleeping bag

I think sewing bloggers love celebrating. We celebrate new babies, milestones, friends' pattern releases, new beginnings. Today a few of us came together to celebrate our mutual friend An.

An blogs at StraightGrain. She is a talented designer behind StraightGrain patterns. An has been offering PDF patterns for some time and recently produced her first paper pattern. Everything An makes is beautiful and inspiring. She knows how to choose perfect fabric and prints for her projects. Her attention to detail is impeccable. And she is a great person to get to know!

When Suz proposed to have a surprise party for An I knew I wanted to make something using one of her patterns. I have already made the Ishi dress and the Tinny dress for Miss R. I also have the Hanami dress and top and the Moiano coat patterns. I am sure Miss R would have loved these also. However...

Yes, I made a Lua sleeping bag for Baby L. This is yet another brilliant pattern designed by An. I tried to incorporate the things that I think An likes while making this sleeping bag.

Please click through to the product description in An's shop. What was the first thing you noticed? The fabric of course! I swear this is a coincidence, but how funny! I am not sure what fabric An used for the sleeping bag in the product description. Mine is Japanese printed cotton poplin from Spotlight. I am pretty sure An likes mustard. I am talking about the colour of course :) This is the reason behind my fabric choice.

I used the same fabric for the outer layer and the lining. I did not think about it until I started installing the zipper. Despite An's very clear instructions on installing the zipper I got myself completely confused a few times simply because my lining and the outer layers looked the same!

I lined my version of the sleeping bag with flannelette.

It just happens that both An and I love piping. An also likes mint. Again, the colour. Why did people name colours after food? It gets so confusing! I didn't have any mint. Neither in my stash or the pantry. I did however have lime green. So, An, let's pretend that lime green is mint, OK?

I didn't get a chance to take modeled photos. Please believe me the sleeping bag fits Baby L perfectly! It has just the right amount of ease around the chest and I think the length is spot on. Baby L's Lua sleeping bag keeps her snug and warm.

An, you are a true inspiration. You work very hard and the result is fantastic. I wish you all the best on your new adventure.

Enough from me, let's keep this party going! Check out what other party goers have to say :)


  1. I love this fabric, it's meant to be a beautiful sleeping bag <3

  2. I honestly think this is my favorite sleep sack I have ever seen! It's just so, so good! You nailed it Jenya!

  3. Definitely a sleeping sack An would love. Especially with that lovely let's pretend mint piping :)

  4. This is such a beautiful sleeping bag! I love the fabric you chose. I've made a couple for friends, and each time I wished I had known about this pattern when my girls were still babies. Lucky baby L!!

  5. It's gorgeous jenya! Lucky little baby L. Thank you so much for joining in x

  6. Beautiful fabric, beautiful piping! It has mustard in it so I'm sure An will love it! ;)

  7. The sleep sack is so beautiful, Jenya! I absolutely adore it. Especially the lime piping :-p
    Thank you so much for being part of this! I was so happy and surprised by #anspired yesterday... And today, I still can't believe that something so wonderful actually happened to me. I have such sweet and wonderful friends! A big big hug from Belgium, an xo

  8. What a great looking sleeping sack! I bet L loves it!!! <3

  9. Sleeping in style! So lovely!

  10. I have to tell you - I love your new blog header! <3


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