Top Knot Tee

The Top Knot romper, dress and tunic pattern by Chalk and Notch has been around for a little while now. In fact, I participated in the promotion tour and 'hacked' this pattern into a long sleeved tee for Miss R. That 'hack' was an enormous success! It made sense to sew a summer version of my hack. The only pattern piece I needed to print was the cuff. Too easy!

Of course I could not resist colour blocking this tee also. I cut into my precious Looming Love in pastel Art Gallery knit purchased from House of Cloth. I used Art Gallery Turquoise solid knit from Ministry of Fabric to help accentuate the lines of the tee as well as bring out the colours of the beautiful printed fabric.

This new Top Knot Tee is just as popular as its predecessor! We paired the tee up with jeans for the photo shoot but it looks just as nice worn with a skirt.

You can read about the adjustments I made to the original pattern HERE. For the summer version I decided to lengthen the bodice by another 2 cm. That was a mistake. The tee turned out too long, which of course was easy to fix by turning the hem up again by 2 cm. However lengthening the tee distorted the proportions and the front piece ended up being a whisker wider than the back. This is not obvious when the tee is on. I can only tell when I iron it, however I thought I would mention this in case someone wants to try this version also.

 Boy I love seeing my girls in mummy-made clothes!


  1. It looks great - love the colour blocking!

  2. Very nice! Those colors look so good on your pretty daughter ♡

  3. I love this as a knit top! Thank you for the reminder of this great hack...I need to get on this! XO

  4. I loved your hack during the tour, and this summer version of the top is great! The colors are so perfect for summer, too!

  5. Great! I love the whole outfit actually, with that flaired jeans :-)

  6. This is my favorite style of little girls clothes. Simple, beautiful fabric, lovely details, without being so overthought that girls can't enjoy being kids. love it.


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