The Bellah blouse

It was love at first sight. Relaxed casual fit. Small pleats at shoulder seams. Slightly shaped silhouette. Subtle hi-low hem. The sleeve length, the neckline... The minute Annika showed a photo of the Bellah blouse pattern she was adding to her shop I knew I was going to sew it.

I am a part of the Näh-Connection 'English' team. Annika came up with a brilliant idea to translate popular sewing patterns written in English into German and the other way around. As a member of Annika's team I get to go over the translation and sew up a garment or two if I feel like it. And what an enjoyable sew it was! Just trace the pattern, add seam allowance (!!!), and sew to my heart's content.

I made my Bellah in gorgeous Dandelions Dark Blue rayon from MaaiDesign. This was my second time sewing with this fabric. Funny enough, the first time I used it was to make another pattern from Annika's shop, the Twist (it) Blouse, which you can see here. If you are new to working with rayon, you might find Natalie's tips helpful.

All the tall girls, rejoice! The Bellah blouse is drafted for a 178 cm tall person. I am 170 cm tall, so I decided to skip adding seam allowance to the hemline. I also decided against using the elastic in the sleeves. I just hemmed them and decided it was the look I preferred. I haven't made any other alterations to the pattern.

The Bellah blouse is a surprisingly fast project. When I finished sewing the blouse my husband said that I finally made something for myself that looked like a real garment. I took it as a compliment ;)

Annika is offering a 15% discount on the English translation of the Bellah blouse pattern as well as a few other recently translated patterns until Friday, the 28th of April. No code is required.

Happy sewing!


  1. Lovely! That blue is gorgeous on you!

  2. It looks so lovely on you Jenya. The cut, the colour, the drape - really nice!

  3. Perfect fit and lovely fabric!! I should make/take some time for selfish sewing :-)

  4. It's beautiful. The color brings out your eyes too.

    1. Thank you very much Masha :) I really enjoy wearing it!

  5. So pretty! This looks just fantastic on you

  6. Gosh that blouse looks so perfect on you! These patterns were meant for you and that fabric is so gorgeous!!! You're a vision <3

  7. Love your fabric ! This blouse suits you so well ! You are beautiful Jenya ♥


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