Fringe in blue

When one finds a patterns that makes them feel beautiful, one has got to make it again. At least that is what I told myself after the success of my first Fringe dress by Chalk and Notch, and promptly stitched up one more.

I am happy with the fit of my first dress, however I got curious what would happen if I went a size smaller around the chest. I have a very humble bust and I felt there was a little excess fabric in the area on my first dress. Mind you, this is not something anyone can actually see. This is purely a 'feel' thing. So I pulled out my first muslin and reduced side seams to size 4 while keeping shoulders at size 6. I had to do a little wiggle to get the bodice over my shoulders, but now it 'felt' perfect.

Another thing I was curious about while sewing my first Fringe was the length of the skirt. Again, I am not unhappy with the way my first dress turned out. But since I could, I decided to try and lengthen the skirt by 2 cm. I figured I could always shorten it if it didn't feel right. But guess what? It felt perfect! Again, this is a pure 'feel' thing. You can't actually notice a lot of difference while the dress is on, but I feel a little more secure on windy days hehe.

I didn't want two identical dresses in my wardrobe, so for this one I decided to sew the button up bodice. For the record, I think it is an easier option, at least when it comes to understitching the facings. If you are intimidated by buttonholes, fear not. These buttons are not functional. Well, they can be, but I was a little unsure about my choice of the buttons. I was worried they were too small comparing to the size of the print, however they passed the audition with flying colours. At least I think so.

Once again I opted for back ties. I was not too sure if I needed them to give the dress a little more shape like with my first Fringe. It turned out I didn't really need them, but they are a sweet detail, so I kept them.

Once the dress was finished I stood in front of a mirror delighted with how such small changes made something that felt great to start with even better!

It is always appropriate to do a little twirling in a new dress, regardless of one's age!

I bought this rayon two years ago from Spotlight with another pattern in mind. Since this fabric set on a shelf for two years already and I can't see myself making the dress it was destined for in the nearest future, I decided it was time to cut into it.

I thought I matched the print well, but I did a rookie mistake while cutting the bodice pieces when I used the centres of the motifs as a guide instead of a larger flower. The centres are tilted to the side by design, so the V on my bodice doesn't look as sharp as I was aiming for. This is not something I am going to lose sleep over I promise. I will just be more careful next time.

I love my new Fringe dress. It feels more casual and playful than my first dress. There is definitely room for both of them in my wardrobe!

I cannot recommend the Fringe pattern enough! I am not affiliated with Chalk and Notch. I just think this is an amazing pattern and if you decide to try it you will not be disappointed!


  1. Gorgeous! Great colors and you nailed the fit!

  2. It looks absolutely fantastic on you Jenya. Perfect in fact ;-)

  3. The fit looks perfect, and I love the casual feel of this one. And of course the colors are perfect on you!

    1. Thank you Emi. I am constantly surprised how a choice of fabric changes the feel of an outfit :)


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