Playing favourites

Some things are special because of the memories attached to them.

I remember Miss R as a three year old dragging this ice cream printed fabric through Mildura Spotlight asking me to buy it. Three times I put it back on the shelf, and three times she pulled it back down. I remember her using this fabric as a blanket on the way home from Mildura (perhaps she didn't trust me with it thinking I would put it back on the shelf again hehe). Miss R wore the first dress I made with this fabric for three years!!! There are certain benefits when your child only seems to be growing upwards.

The second project was a bit of a flip. I wanted to use this fabric to make a dress for Christmas for Miss R. I cut the wrong size so the dress turned out too big. I was hoping she would grow into it by this year... Nope. She is still one or two years away from being able to fill it out!

I was sorting out my fabric stash recently. Miss R spotted her favourite ice cream fabric and asked to make a dress 'like her favourite one'.

I didn't really want to recreate her old dress, even if it was her absolute favourite. After consultation with Miss R I used another pattern we both liked, the BFFS dress by Puperita. I have already used it twice, first time for Miss L last summer, and I also made this pattern in fleece for Miss R last winter. 

The BFFS dress goes up to size 6. I guess this it the last time I use this pattern for Miss R! There is something especially sentimental about sewing the last size in a pattern.

Just like with Miss R's fleece BFFS dress, I lengthened the bodice by 3 cm right under the armscyes and the skirt by 2 cm at the hem. Once again, I omitted the collar. I also added 1 cm to the placket to accommodate the large buttons I wanted to use. 

I will not be able to use this pattern for Miss R again, but her little sister might get a few more BFFS dresses. There is nothing wrong with playing favourites, right? And this pattern is definitely among my favourite!


  1. What a special dress indeed! And how sweet that she loved the fabric so much she went and got it three times - you know it's love! I am getting to that stage where my oldest is starting to size out of a lot of patterns that I own and while it's making me a bit sad, I am glad that I still have my little one to sew for, too :)

    1. Thank you Emi! While I have a little one to sew for, I feel a little sad there is really no need to sew for my big girlie as much, simply because she is in school uniform 5 days a week :(

  2. That's what you get for taking kids fabric shopping with you! How lovely that she remembered her favourite dress, and that she persuaded you to 'remake' it. I agree, it's so sad when they size out of patterns. I am also starting to rethink R's dresses as her figure is changing - be warned, it can happen earlier than you expect!! And yes, make the most of your baby and sew, sew, sew!

    1. Thank you Marisa. My big girlie is growing up! It is a little sad I can't sew for her as much as she is in school uniform 5 days a week. I guess I will just have to sew for the little one as much as I can, while I can :) Or myself ;)


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