Family reunion dress in linen and liberty

Last year I made a Family Reunion dress for my little love to wear to her Aunt's wedding. This year I used this pattern again to make her a Christmas dress.

We actually now refer to this dress as a Christmas dress. I ask, 'What dress would you like to wear today?' and my little love usually replies, 'My Christmas dress!'

I didn't have a cool panel this year for the dress, however I had this softest pink linen and a small piece of Liberty that I purchased from House of Cloth last year for another project but never used.

I don't buy fabric for my girlies anymore unless there is absolutely nothing suitable in my stash. Both of the girls have their summer wardrobes covered. Miss R didn't manage to grow out of the dresses I made her last year, and Miss L can wear dresses I sewed for her big sister a few years ago. I didn't actually have to make them anything new for Christmas. I just really wanted to :)

I had the hardest time choosing piping for this dress. I initially had my heart set on dark orange which always looks nice with pink. However then I decided to see what other options I had and realised that green piping I bought from MaaiDesign a little while back looked great too. You know how after staring at something for a while you feel you can't see it anymore? So I asked my IG friends to help me choose. Green seemed to be a preferred option and it offered a fresh splash of colour, so I went with that :)

Sewing the dress for the second time was an absolute breeze. Just like last year, I used French seams on the shoulders. It worked perfectly last time, so why change it?

I love the subtle effect multiple lines of stitching at the bottom of the dress create!

My little girlie was not in the mood for photos. She was sucking on her thumb, pulling on her ears, and running around like a crazy little monkey. She managed to stain the dress within two minutes of wearing it. Real life guys, real life haha

Miss L has such a sweet smile but I just couldn't capture it. I asked her to smile for the camera and this is what I got! Still adorable, right?

As you can see I decided to omit buttons on the yoke. This liberty print is so pretty I felt it would be a crime to cover it up!

I absolutely adore A-line dresses on toddlers!

Vintage buttons from the stash completed the dress prefectly!

I was a little worried Miss L won't like the dress as it had no pockets, however she loved it!

If you would like to make a Family Reunion dress you can purchase the pattern here.


  1. The hem is my favorite part of this pattern. Miss L looks adorable in her Christmas dress. I think the last time I sewed this pattern, my younger daughter was about her age 😭

  2. This is such a lovely Christmas dress (and how cute is it that she refers to it as such!!). The colors are perfect for her, and I agree that the green piping is such a nice, fresh touch! And the hem - beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! Those colors! Love the hemming and green piping <3. And your girlie, she's stinking cute, even without her most beautiful smile ;-)

  4. She is storybook cute. love it!


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