Two tops more, one dress less

I am absolutely in love with the Courtney top pattern from Style Arc. In fact I love it so much I cut up my first Fringe dress to make a Courtney top! But before you condemn me for committing such an atrocity, please hear me out!

I have been very naughty in the sweets department for a couple of years, and especially over the past few months. I gained a few extra kilos and eventually my clothes didn't fit properly anymore and some items didn't fit at all. I knew I developed an addiction to sugar but didn't feel I had the strength to break it on my own. It was not until Miss R asked me if I had another baby in my tummy (ouch!) that I finally made a decision to do something. I joined a gym and followed a nutrition plan. The journey was not easy, but two months later I am back to my usual self and feel super comfy in my skin. I now even have muscles! Bonus, hey?

The bodice of my first Fringe dress felt a bit roomy to start with, but now I have lost some extra weight it was simply too big. I loved the dress, but I knew I would not wear it anymore. I could not bear wasting such beautiful fabric! The fabric is this gorgeous Cotton + Steel rayon by the way. I was so glad that between the skirt of the dress and some left over fabric I had enough to make the Courtney top!

It is a little funny how the dress felt rather special occasion-ish in this fabric, yet the top is fine for everyday wear. This was my first make of the year, and I have already worn it multiple times!

When purchasing from Style Arc, you receive a pattern in your chosen size plus one size on either side. I bought this pattern in size 6 and also received files for sizes 8 and 4. I first made a muslin in size 8 but it was too big. My second muslin was in size 6 and it was spot on! So that's what I went with.

The construction was straight forward. Following Anna's lead I bound the neckline with bias binding. I used the pattern piece provided and it worked a treat. The only thing that left me a little puzzled was the shape of the cuff.  It probably works fine if you don't intend to turn the cuffs up. When I turned mine up there was a small gaping at the bottom of the sleeve which was not pronounced enough for me to reach for a seam ripper.

I reckon that the Courtney top should come with a warming that this pattern is highly addictive! It is simply impossible to stop at one. So as soon as I finished my rayon Courtney I made one more, this time in Kokka double gauze. This top is my entry to the #sewjapaneseinjanuary challenge hosted by Anna and Jane.

I think this version shows the details of the pattern much better. 

The only thing that I changed during the construction of this top was the shape of the cuffs. I cut them as rectangles, which was easier to sew and they look much neater. I am not sure it was right to do this. All I am saying is that it worked for me.

My little assistant said that both tops were beautiful! Ah, thank you little love, I am very happy with them too!

I am now dreaming of a Courtney top in linen and knit. Yes, this pattern can be made in both wovens and knits. Awesome, right?


  1. They look great! My kids also ask me if there's a baby in my tummy ... fairly regularly. I am inspired by your progress! I need to break my sugar habit too.

    1. Thank you Masha. Kids are so cruel in their honesty at times haha

  2. Both of these are gorgeous. I agree an addiction message is required. I was just looking at a piece of silk in my stash....

  3. Both of your tops look beautiful! I'm glad you were able to "save" the dress by remaking it into something you can wear. And that's great you're feeling fitter and stronger - speaking of which, I've been meaning to break my sugar habit and get back to the gym for about...oh....five years now....

    1. hahaha yes sugar is evil! Took me ages to come to the point I actually signed up to the program (and a hint from my daughter haha). I love wearing this top indeed! So glad I worked up the courage to cut into the dress!

  4. Well done Jenya! It must have been hard cutting into the dress but the top looks great!

  5. Lovely tops, and well done on the refashioning (and the de-sugaring)!


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