Finch dress (test version)

When Suz of Sewpony made it public that her new pattern, the Finch dress, was ready for testing, I volunteered to sew it in knit fabric.

This is my test version of the Finch dress patternt. Please bear in mind there have been a few changes made to the final pattern, I will list them later in the post.

I think it is safe to say that this experiment was successful. I used Birch cotton knit for the test. My little ray of sunshine's measurements are 54-54-94, so I made a straight size 2 without any modification for her.

OK, almost without any modification. Suz and I were wondering what a button and a loop closure would look like. Since I was experimenting already I tried this closure. I think it looks very cute. Although I really like the look of the ties the original pattern offers.

I could not decide if I wanted to make a full length elastic casing for the waist or a 3/4 option. The original Finch dress that I fell in love with had a 3/4 elastic casing with lovely buttons used as a decoration. I ended up making a full elastic casing and noticed that the waist was riding up on my little model's not so little toddler tummy. I think I will swap for a 3/4 casing.

I like the fact that a wide range of fabrics can be used for this pattern, and the overall look of the dress changes dramatically due to the fabric choice. My girlie got a fun comfy knit play press. The rayon Finch dress Suz made for her daughter is very feminine and will suit older girls very well.

At the end of testing Suz collaborated feedback provided by all of the testers. The final pattern includes the following changes:

- lowered neckline for smaller sizes for an improved fit and comfort;
- the shape of the elastic casing is curved so it will sit nicer.

The Finch dress pattern is now available for sale in Sewpony shop. You can receive a 15% discount by applying a code FINCH15 at checkout. The code is available until the 15th of June 2018, 9 pm Melbourne time.

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  1. So cute Jenya.
    Your dress is one of my faves 😀


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