Louisa dress... again

I was not sure how to introduce this new dress I made for my little love because I don't think that the Louisa dress pattern from Compagnie M needs an introduction.

The Louisa dress is one of Marte's earlier and perhaps one of the most popular patterns.

My big girlie had a Louisa dress in her wardrobe since she was three. Once she outgrew one, I would make her another.

Last summer Miss L spotted the first Louisa dress I made for her big sister. It was a little big on her but she loved it and wore it a lot. I am sure it will still fit her when warm weather returns.

Miss L was a little upset with me when I didn't let her wear the summer Louisa dress once it got cooler.

The solution was simple, of course. I simply made her a cooler version of this pattern!

I lengthened the 3/4 sleeves, and that was it! Sewing for my little love is so easy! She requires no fit alterations.

I made her a size 2 dress. I knew it would be a little roomy, but it was not an issue. I am pleased I can put a long sleeve top underneath the dress over the winter months.

My little love strongly favours blue over any other colour. I love denim. So main fabric was an easy choice.

I used cotton-linen printed fabric for the pocket. I say they are apples. My husband says they are lungs. Whatever they are, I think they are cool. 

Those two fabrics together were cute but a little boring. Mustard piping and wooden buttons brightened the dress up.

Now my little love can dance like nobody's watching in a cute new Louisa dress

Dance away my little love!

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